How many way to transfer a domain?

There are two ways to transfer a domain

Changing the Registrar
Changing the name server
1. Transfer a domain from one registrar to another registrar 1. By changing the name server (DNS) settings for the domain to point it another server but the Billing and domain administration remain with the domain's current registrar.
2. To transfer domain go 2. To change name server login to your current Registrar
3. Need to put Authorization Code or Epp code /Auth code.
3. No need Authorization Code or Epp code /Auth code.
4. It is activated for 1 year. 4. It is activated for the remaining expiry period  of the domain in current Registrar.
5. Here you need to pay money for 1 year Registration. 5. Here you do not need to pay money, because your domain still remaining the current Registrar.
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