Transfer process of your domain from Bluehost to SuperGlobalHost

If you want to transfer a domain from Bluehost to SuperGlobalHost, at first you need to know 3 things
1. The expiration date of the domain should be grater than 15 days.
2. The registration age of the domain in Bluehost more than 45 days. Otherwise you lose that renewal year.
3. The extention of domain is able to register by SuperGlobalHost.

If you have the above things then you need the following things from Bluehost.
1. Login your Bluehost account.
2. Then clicks the “Domains” from top menu bar. Here you can show all of your domain hosted here under the domain list menu.

3. Then you need scroll down to click the checkbox of the domain which one you want to transfer from left side.
4. Then go to "lock" tab and click the green button of “unlock your domain”.

The domain registration needs to be unlocked in order to initiate the transfer of your domain name. If you are having problems unlocking your domain, then you should contact your current domain name registrar (Bluehost) and ask them to assist you with this procedure.
5. Click the "privacy" tab to turn off Privacy Protection, if you have any.
6. Click the "contact" and check ADMIN checkbox and if you need to update any information then do it.

7. Then click the “name servers” tab and click the radio button of “Use Custom Nameservers” and put there and and click the green button of "save nameserver settings" and you are done from Bluehost.

Now come SuperGlobalHost and do the followings
1. Click the "Domain Name" from thr top menu bar.
2. Type your domain name and click search and you go another page.
3. In this page you see "Transfer in a domain" link at the left side. You also get this option by scroll down to the bottom.
4. After click "Transfer in a domain" link you need to fill your domain name. You also need to put the Authorization Code/EPP code and you get it from your Bluehost account Domains> Domain List>Transfer EPP.
5. Then check the security captcha and Click the button of "Add to cart" and follow the next step to complete your order.

After complete to submit order, now it time to set your domain from SuperGlobalHost. When they active your transfer then it may take 24 to 72 hours to live your domain.

If you want to a hosting package also then you need to select a hosting package also during the order of domain transfer. So that you get a domain with a hosting to make a website.

When your domain and hosting are set in SuperGlobalHost you get a mail like bellow


IP Address: (Shared)

CGI Access: Enabled

Username: example

Password: ***HIDDEN***

cPanel Theme: paper_lantern

Home Directory Root: /home

Quota: 10 GB

Name Server 1:

Name Server 2:

Contact Email:

Package: superglo_enterprise

Feature List: default

Locale: en

After active domain, you need to upload your website files in cpanel. If you test your domain before uploading the content in public_html folder then you get a 403 error message although it properly pointed to our server at this moment.

This happened because public_html folder of the cPanel account related to your domain has no content inside. In order to make working, you need to upload your content.

In below I mention some question and his answer to give you a more idea.

1. For which purpose IP Address is used? I place it in the browser and here I

do not see website. Is it temporary IP for this domain?

Answer: is a shared IP of your reseller server. At this moment your domain is properly pointed to it so there should no issues with that. Since IP is a shared one, it can't be used to access sites.

2. How can I get dedicated IP for a domain?

Answer: If you want an IP address that accesses your site then you need a dedicated IP. You can get a dedicated IP by contacting us.

3. Can I get any temporary IP address until the domain is active or live?

Answer: In case you want to access sites which are yet not pointed to the server you can use shared URL for these purposes.
Your shared URL is like  Here “example” is your username and “” is your server name and you need to use “www” before the server name.

4. How I get the current password of my Cpanel?

Answer: If you do not receive the cPanel/SSH/FTP password, you just contact SuperGlobalHost and they give you a new password. After login by this new password, you will have an option to change the password to a personal one under "Password & Security" section of cpanel. Depending on the type of configuration you have, they may also be able to do this in their accounts in your system.

5. When I try to transfer domain I see there two option. One is I replace the name server name in Bluehost and then order a transfer of the domain from . Are there all control come in SuperGlobalHost of my domain?

Answer: You can have a domain name registered with one company and host the website associated with this domain name with another. Just like you do now - the domain name is registered with Bluehost and pointed to our servers with nameservers. With this configuration, Bluehost is the company that holds the domain registration. An account with them is the place where the domain name is renewed, where contact information is managed, etc. The website itself, mail, SSL and other features are managed on our side.

6. I see there are another kind of domain transfer. When I click transfer a the domain from site then there need an Authorization Code (Epp code) and I put this from Bluehost. But here need money to Register the domain for 1 year although my domain is not expired and it has someday left.

Answer: If you decide to transfer the domain name to SuperGlobalHost and manage the domain registration and website with us, then all of the aspects related to this domain will be with us. This includes domain renewals, contact information, website, mail, etc. The latter does involve a charge which is equal to 1 year domain registration. The expiration date of the domain will be exactly 1 year after transfer completion. Any remaining time related to domain registration with Bluehost is not transferred. Questions related to the funds put for domain registration with Bluehost should be addressed to them.

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