How to use Super Global Host from your iPhone and iPad.

Follow the bellow step to use the website like an iOS App. 

1. From your iPhone or iPad find the Safari browser and tap your fringer on it to open Safari Browser. Chrome and other Brower of iPhone are not working to create web view shortcut. 



2. After open Safari browser you get a view same as the below image on your iPhone.



3. Type on the address bar of Safari from the keyboard of iPhone. 



4. After write the website name click OK or next button from the keyword of iPhone or tap the refresh icon of Safari to open website of SuperGlobalHost. 



5. After open the website look at the bottom of iPhone where you find a Share icon. Just tap the share icon by your fringer. 



6. After tap the share icon you get the view same as the below image where you found many icon for different work at the bottom of iPhone, just above the Cancel button. Just scroll those icon from right to left to see more icon on the right side. 



7. After scrolling from right to left you get a plus icon of "Add to Home Screen". Just tap the "Add to Home Screen" icon by your fringer. 



8. After tap the "Add to Home Screen"  you get a view same as the below image. Here you can see the icon of Super Global Host. From the top-right corner tap the "Add"  to make a short cut of SuperGlobalHost on your iPhone. 



9. The icon of SuperGlobalHost is show same as the below image. If you tap the icon than it will open website like a iOS App. 



10. If you want to remove the Shortcut Icon then just tap on the icon some time until see the cross icon over the Shortcut icon. Just tap the cross icon and you get a popup for Delete the icon. 



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