How can you renew or extend your domains?

You can extend your domains and services by doing the following:


1. Login to your account of

2. Go to the menu "DOMAINS" and then from dropdown menu select "Renew Domains"

3. Here you can see your domain, expiry date and prices of renew. If you use offer of lifetime free domain then you do not need any payment. Click the "Add to Cart" if you wish to extend.

3. After that you need to click "View Cart" under the Order Summary.

4. Then apply promo code if you have any offer and then click "Validate Code".

5. After that click "Checkout" button.

6. Then before click "Complete Order" button select the Payment method and click checkbox of "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service" and "I'm not a robot".


After completing order of domains to renew, we will process the renewal order and attempt to extend the domains for you.


Please be aware that if your domain name is discontinued, any email, website, or other services that were associated with it may be affected.

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