How to transfer a domain name from Godaddy to SuperGlobalHost?

Now a days a common question trending over internet is “How to transfer a domain name?” in between hosting providers. Here we want to include that transferring a domain needs to follow a standard domain transfer rules. By following simple base rules the domains can be transferred easily in between to hosting providers. Also some great hosting such as SuperGlobalHost does it absolutely free of any cost when transferring an existing domain towards them.    

Domain transfer rules – Pre transferring steps

Following are the rules we need to qualify before transferring a domain:

If you have already found a better deal on domain hosting regarding service and rates. In that case, it’s very natural for you to transfer your domain in to a feasible hosting provider. Though transferring domain is a very simple and easy process. But sometimes it can take few days to complete the whole process successfully.

So before begin with the transfer we need to keep 4 domain transfer rules in mind.

1. Firstly the domain you want to transfer from any hosting provider such as Godaddy, bluehost or hostgator etc. In such case, your domain should be at least 60 days old. And make sure no transfer has been made in the last 60 days.

2. Secondly unlock your domain before making any transfer. For unlocking your domain contact to your current hosting provider by email. Or Godaddy users can simply unlock the domain using their domain login service. Here is a screenshot about unlocking a Godaddy domain.

3. Thirdly it is highly recommended to disable any privacy protection before beginning the domain transfer.

4. Finally note that transferring a domain does not mean any changes to the domain. Here the name of the domain remains same but the hosting provider.

Transferring a domain - step by step

1. First we need to provide the latest confirmation and keep ourselves update with both registrars. For example: if we’re moving from Godaddy to SuperGlobalHost in that case both of the old and the new registrar will need to contact us. So, keep your informations updated and accurate.

2. Must provide a working new email id in your domain registration form. So, the SuperGlobalHost can contact you whenever they want.

3. Next request us for the authorization code in your new email id. Now hopefully you will get your authorization code in 30 minutes to 3 working days.


Transferring to SuperGlobalHost

1. Log in to your SuperGlobalHost dashboard and look for the option in the Menu Domain>>Register a New Domain. Later on left sidebar Action and select Transfer in a Domain.

2. Now all you need to provide your domain name that you want to transfer. And enter the authorization code like following screenshot.

3. After that you will receive an email. So to confirm that you want to transfer domain into SuperGlobalHost, follow the emailed link. Also agree with transfer terms and the conditions (Optional may differ with different hosting providers).

4. Finally with the SuperGlobalHost by pressing Add to Cart you will be forwarded into the cart. Here you need to choose your plan to pay the charges for domain transfer.

5. After you’ve confirmed your payments make sure you receive an email about the successful domain transfer or a notification of successful transfer.

Finally now you can cancel the service with the old registrar. Here we’re considering Godaddy either writing them an email or using their contact form. Also note: the process can be different for other hosting providers but the basic idea remains the same.

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